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"Good Morning".....& "How Do You Line Baskets"?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Morning Friends, Hope this Tuesday morning finds you well & inspired!....

Here at our house, boxes are disappearing, rooms are getting organized... & our new house is beginning to feel cozy & may I say, like "home"!....

One observation though,.... This moving business has a way of reminding you of projects you wanted to take on, but somehow never got to!...I have been going through boxes of sewing & craft projects, that somehow are tucked away...."unfinished"?....Please tell me you have such projects as well?....One such project is the "lining of baskets with old quilts"....I adore these & would love a few around the house...... I have the baskets...I have the quilts,.... but somehow have misplaced the instructions?.... I can "google" directions, but thought I would ask you if you've lined baskets this way?...& if so, would you mind sharing your knowledge with me!...I always prefer being advised by if you have a few minutes would you please share the best way to make "lined baskets"!......Thank you so much!

Now off to get this day started!...Make it a great little Tuesday!.....Love, Heidi XO


Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me March 24, 2010 at 5:17 AM  

Sorry haven't a clue...but love the look! Good luck!

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