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"Holiday Shop News"......

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Roses & Plaid" pillow

A little announcement shop, "Heidi Devlin Design" will be open through Thursday, December 2nd....but will be closed for the remainder of the holiday season. I will be busily working on all the orders that have come in the last couple of weeks!
I wanted to give myself enough time to finish all your lovely purchases, & be able to get them to you in plenty of time for Christmas!

"you & me" pillow

f by some chance you wish to purchase a pillow while my shop is closed,... please e-mail me at & I'll consider orders on a "case by case" basis!.....
I so don't want to be unable to get you an item you are hoping to purchase, but also need to make sure I can deliver on what I have committed to.

"Laurel wreath/reindeer" pillow

hank you so much to all of you for understanding!.....
& Merry Christmas to you all!
Your friend,


"Unhurried & Quiet"....

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello Friends, How are you all?....I hope everyone had the loveliest of Thanksgivings!....And now before we blinked twice it is "Christmastime". It seems that everyone is putting up trees & decorations, ... shopping & hanging lights, yet it is still November?......
The media makes it sound like if you haven't given much thought to the upcoming holidays, that you indeed are already a few steps behind?....What's up with that?
I have to say, that through the years, I have approached preparing for the holidays from many angles.
I have been the "working girl" that was so busy with her job, that I waited to the last minute to get anything much done.
I have had years where I declared proudly that I was making all my gifts,... which also ended with many unfinished projects!...& last minute trips to the mall!
Then of course I felt doing everything super early was the way to go!...but like my husband pointed out,... I started out wonderfully organized, but just kept going!?.....I made presents & even wrapped them, tucking them away in late summer early fall...& went on to forget all about them, only to re-buy more gifts!?
So the other day, while contemplating about how my mother created our childhood Christmases....I began remembering. I remembered that my mother always reminded us that Christmas was a "holiday", not the entire month of December.
December was a month to quietly & calmly prepare for the most special of holidays....not one to spend stressed out & over-burdened. Mid-month we would put up our tree,...might possibly my most favorite holiday activity!.... decorated with ornaments we had for years tucked in a large department store box, each one wrapped in tissue.
Our Christmas decorating was sweet & charming,....nothing too planned or "style-ized" about it. Preparing for Christmas was "tradition", not decorating magazines dictating the newest fade.
What I remember most though, is that getting ready for Christmas was not hurried, it just happened a bit at a time.
The house, the lovely gifts & the cookies all came to be,...unfolding slowly those last couple of weeks before Christmas.
So with these memories in mind, I will be taking one step at a time,.... allowing Christmastime to calmly surround me...unhurried & quiet. I wish you the same.



"Thanksgiving Day"....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Day is almost here once again. For our family, like many of yours as well, it will be a cozy day at home with our immediate family. Not a houseful of guests, just those I hold most dear.
This year, my daughters & I are all cooking. Mallory is in charge of the stuffing, Holly the pies & potatoes & I will handle the turkey & fresh cranberries. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that our girls will be sharing the kitchen with me.
I also have plans for a lovely table. I am using my Spode "Thanksgiving Day" brown transfer- ware plates,... that years ago I found while antiquing. I remember them being $7 each, which at the time was crazy expensive. But with the encouraging words of my friend Angela, I did indeed purchase these gorgeous plates,....never ever regretting my decision.
I will also be adding small arrangements of"plum colored mums & deep pink peonies", which will look amazing with small chocolate turkeys running among them! The color-scheme of warm browns & deep plums is a bit unusual, but very Fall-ish non-the-less!
The family will of course be watching the Macy's Day Parade, which is a yearly tradition! I grew up watching it, with the excitement of seeing the "true" Santa" at the parade's end!....And as all traditions are, now my grandson is the "believer", sitting on the edge of the sofa as the sleigh & reindeer make their appearance....very wide-eyed & filled with wonder.
Thanksgiving is such an immensely personal day. Each of us have our own memories of Thanksgiving past,....mine being frosty, dark days, spent in a warm kitchen, with delicious scents wafting through the house & my mother cooking all day long, (which if you knew my mom was not the norm! :)....We ate early & then spent the afternoon relaxing in front of a fire, anticipating the upcoming weeks.
This year, even though we have been married 29 years, we are starting new traditions, since for many years we had Thanksgiving dinner at relative's homes. But now our celebrating is here at our own sweet home, with our girls & grandson. I love that we have three generations under one roof ( just like the Walton's, ....a family I so wanted to emulate!). I love that we are healthy & happy. I love that even though the last couple of years have brought a few challenges, we are all closer & more appreciative than ever.
I thank God for the blessings I have been given.
Wishing you a day of thanksgiving......
Your friend,


Lots of Pretty Pillows at Heidi Devlin Design!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Morning Friends, With the holidays approaching I had to let you all know that my shop is full of the most darling pillows!.....both for your own home & for fabulous gift-giving!
From hand-stenciled monograms, vintage-inspired fabrics & lots of "crown" pillows...(all very appropriate for the season!), .....Heidi Devlin Design is full of the most charming pillows!.....With my newest design being my "25" pillow"!.....A very clean & fresh design, as well as being a lovely reminder of the true reason for celebration!
And of course I have once again my "mica glittered candy canes & snow balls"!...All handmade & darling to fill an old crock of iron urn!......
I invite you to stop by soon for a little peek!
Enjoy your Sunday!


"Returning to Normal Life Once Again"......

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It has been sometime since I have given my blog, the attention it deserves. For the last month, my life has revolved around preparing for the Queen Bee Market, which was held here in Southern California last weekend.
Each day you could find me stenciling & sewing pillows,... along with painting & glittering my "candy canes" &" rag-ball snowballs"!....Each time you prepare for a show of any kind you forget the time & commitment it takes.....The Market came & went, very successfully....but it will take some time for our home to be completely back to normal.
Yesterday afternoon, I was in the kitchen making stuffed shells & Caesar salad. How lovely to be able to prepare a home made dinner.....& I never thought I would actually enjoy catching up on laundry & picking up the house!.....
As nice as participating in the Queen Bee has been, I may have to think twice about signing up again.....just not sure it's all worth it for me?.....You see, no one is the "homebody" I am. I like a well run home & dinner on the table. I am a huge fan of the "everyday", & anything that interferes with that has to be considered carefully.
So for now, I will relish in my "returning to normal life".....thoughts of craft shows & Queen Bees can be debated another day. Right now I am home & very happy to be so.
Here's to everyday!.....
Heidi xo


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