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"Paula & Pork".....

Friday, July 8, 2011

I have never been particularly familiar with cooking meat. I'm not terribly good about what's what, when it comes to which cut of meat to use in what dish. Of course I can take a recipe, go to the grocery store & make a fairly accurate evaluation of which cut to buy,...but I'll admit, I'm kind of faking it.
So lately, with cooking being an area I really want to explore & learn more about, I decided something most of you have already figured out......"As the butcher"!...Off I went, straight over to the butcher's counter & when this crazy-young looking man asked if I needed help, I looked him in the eye & somewhat desperately said "yes"!.....
I went on to tell him I was wanting to make Paula Deen's BBQ Pork Sandwiches, & asked what he recommended. He lit right up, asked for my recipe & then quickly led me over to the largest pieces of pork ever! He grabbed a 5 lb. pork roast shoulder & told me that it would be perfect for what I was making.....I was thrilled! thrilled that I ended up purchasing pepper encrusted bacon, & some gorgeous shish-kabobs as well!.....
Off I went, back to my kitchen, where I proceeded to make this recipe. OMG!!!!.....Let me say it may be one of the best things I have ever made!.....I followed the directions to the letter & Paula was right!..Incredible pulled pork sandwiches!......It all worked!.....

Moral to the Story....

* Ask for help when needed.
*Trust young butchers.
*Trust Paula Deen.
*Learn to cook cut at a time.

Happy cooking......heidi XO


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