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"Happy Tears"......

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Today my youngest daughter, Mallory moved out. I know she was here with us on borrowed time & knew this day was coming for weeks....however it still hurts a bit.
You see both my daughters & my grandson lived with my husband & I for many years longer than most children do, which I enjoyed immensely. I loved having those voices greet us each morning & be the last ones you heard at night.
I loved how each day our lives were tangled up together, with 3 generations all under one roof.
Then a couple years ago my oldest daughter Holly, met & married a great man....& together with my grandson made a new family, now with the addition of another sweet son as well.
And then a few months ago Mallory also found a wonderful guy. Together they have become great friends & now a fantastic couple.
And today they moved in together....Into a darling apartment near the beach....They have been fixing up every square inch of their space,....painting, sewing, building, etc...making it their own.
This morning Mallory moved the last of her things.
My husband & I helped & went down to the new place to see how things were coming along.
It was crazy hot & humid, but in amongst the hard work, you could see the happiness in creating this home together.
My husband & I wished them well & left.....
We had a wonderful afternoon the two of us....
Tonight we drove to home.....out in the country....far from the beach.....
And as I entered the house & walked by Mallory empty bedroom...tears began to fall.....
I know we will see her often....
 but I will so miss hearing that voice early each morning & late each night.....


Anonymous,  November 16, 2013 at 4:40 AM  

I have a 20 y/o daughter and a 24 y/o son still living at home. Our son may be moving out during the holidays this year and I'm already in tears. The seasons of life...each beautiful in their own way, some a little more difficult to adapt to.
Much love.

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