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"everyday whites".....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Each day I have been trying to make one area of my home a little prettier.... & a bit more organized. We moved into our house a couple months ago, but being so "crazy busy with work & other odds & ends, I just haven't had the time to "fine-tune" all the corners of our home....but now I'm trying to reserve a few hours each day to "fuss & finesse"!.....And Oh!..I love it!

In the process, I have once again been reminded how very much I love "white"!...Sp crisp, so clean, so classic! And since I favor a color scheme of "colonial blues & soft, dusty browns", it is the perfect addition!....White just adds that uplifting "oompf" that keeps blues & browns from becoming "muddy & a little crappy country" know what I mean.


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