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"In Search of Our Christmas Tree & Memories".....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

So sorry to have been away from blogging for far too long! I have so missed chatting & sharing thoughts with all of you!....Here it is the most exciting time of year & I haven't been blogging at all?....Well, I am happy to say that I am back & so very ready to visit!
I am sure many of you have your "trees up & your cards sent", however here at our house that is not the case!....In fact, tonight we are going Christmas tree shopping!.....This year, we have had quite the debate....fresh tree or fake??....Growing up it was always a real tree. Going to tree lots & choosing a tree was one was one of the highlights of the holiday season!...
After marrying & moving to Southern California though, it seemed a fake tree was a smarter choice, so for years that's what we've done!....and happily!....there is something very nice about a pre-lit, tree with adjustable branches!
This year though, and maybe it has something to do with having a 6 year old grandson....Returning to the local tree lot to choose a Christmas tree, just seems to be the right thing to do!....I find myself wanting Andrew to experience how fun it is to wander a tree lot at night, with strings of tiny white lights & lots of stars guiding you. Row after row we would walk, pulling out one tree after another... deciding which was straight enough, full enough, tall enough.

And then after the chill of the air was beginning to help make our decision for us, we would choose our beautiful tree & take it home.
In the days that followed, our tree would be dressed with "glittery balls & thin strands of tinsel"...... I would sit & admire that tree night after night, curled up in a big wing-back after my evening bath...the enchantment of it all almost to overwhelming for one little girl.
Those are my memories.
So with these thoughts in mind, I am hoping that my grandson will grow up with similar remembrances.....& his grandson after that...& so on.
Happy tree hunting......



Cottage Rose December 10, 2010 at 7:14 PM  

Hi Heidi; I remember those days from when I was small.... it was so much fun,, so happy hunting, and making new memories...


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