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"A Must Try" !!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Morning Friends,
If you are under the impression "Mac & Cheese" is not appropriate for company than think again!.......
week or so ago I was hosting a big family dinner,.... & decided another side dish was needed. Since Ina Garten is usually my "go-to-girl" recipe-wise, I went to the bookcase & pulled out one of her cookbooks. I was flipping through, & somehow landed on the page with her
"Mac & Cheese" recipe......
ow it seems I had made it years ago, since I had made a little star & written delicious?.....but somehow my memory of how good it was had faded? I decided I would add this to my buffet dinner for my husband's extended family.
I made it that afternoon & baked it right before serving!.....& OMGoodness!......So incredibly fabulous!!!!!!!.....The children loved it ( what child doesn't adore m&c!), the men loved it & so did the women!!!!!!!!
So the message here is most definitely plan a night to make Ina's "Mac & Cheese"!
ou will simply love it!.....It's a keeper for sure!!!!

Happy Cooking!



Sherri March 23, 2011 at 6:21 PM  

That recipe is to die for!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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