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"Not Sure Which Way to Turn?"......

Friday, March 4, 2011

I am not quite sure which way to turn?.....Spring is in the air around here, & I am in the mood to spruce up everything!.....The house, the patio, the garden,...... all are calling out for attention!....
In the garden, I am working on adding more raised beds, so all the seeds I am dying to plant will have a place to grow & thrive!.....I am eying tall "tuteurs" at the local nursery, to add height & structure to the garden,.... & am even hinting to everyone that a "rose arbor" would be a lovely Mother's day gift!

I've even moved our wicker patio table to the far end of the garden, where I romantically see us dining throughout the summer months!

And then there is the inside of our home. Where do I start?.....
Making curtains for the kitchen window, would be good.....or maybe those large floral/burlap pillows for the sofas?
Or possibly rearranging the furniture is where I should begin?....but then again the coffee table is desperate for paint?.....

Decisions, decisions....

Then there is the patio.....I have already given it a good cleaning, but new cushions on the chairs would be lovely!....but nothing too tailored. I am far more in the mood for a large geranium print, something "splashy & not too serious"!
And then I am even toying with the idea of hanging drapes on all four corners of the patio? Wouldn't that be charming!
So need I say more. I'm sure you can imagine the list of "to-do's" I have in front of me.
Somehow though it doesn't seems like work. These are the tasks I find so inspiring!....
Creating beauty in & around the spaces where we live!

Now off to get a start on that list!

Here's to all our homes, our gardens & our dreams!

Your friend,....



(photos courtesy of... Martha Stewart & Country Living)


Sherri March 4, 2011 at 12:01 PM  

Heidi, I know what ever you do inside and out will be lovely! The raised beds sound wonderful for all your veggies! We will be moving around the 1st of May again, so no plans for me right now. I can still do containers and I will but it sure would be nice to stay put some place! Enjoy!

Susan March 5, 2011 at 12:25 PM  

Always when Spring comes, never know where to start. Such a fresh start with everything.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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