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"French Enamelware" new obsession!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

 French Enamelware is my newest obsession!

.....I don't own a single piece, but I am very willing to change that...
I remember years ago being at an antique show here in San Diego, & being drawn to a booth that was filled to the brim with the most amazing French enamelware. I was simply captivated...
the lovely colors... French blue, a gorgeous pink & the white, the glorious white.
I loved the shapes, the irregularities & the charm each piece offered.....

 Now years later, I have many collections..... earthenware bowls, lots & lots of white ironstone & a hutch filled with brown & white transferware, but somehow the enamelware has eluded me?...

So I am asking for advice from all of you.....What do I look for?....What should I pay?....& where are some great sources?....
I know all this could be googled over the internet, but asking real friends is sometimes a much better way....I am open to any information you may have!....I know there is great knowledge among us!

 French enamelware is in my future!

Thank you for putting up with me!



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