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"My Very Favorite Blog".....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

 I love visiting other blogs. I gravitate to those that inspire me, & allow me to take a glimpse into the "everyday" of other homes & families. This is where true inspiration thrives, in normal homes, with normal families, enjoying the normal activities that make up all the months of the year. I love old homes, wild gardens, an occasional recipe & antiquing.....all photographed in the most lovely way.

 With that said, I have to say that my favorite blog is one that fits all this criteria. The blog I am referring to is Sharon Santori's "My French Country Home". It is where I go first when browsing my blog list. Sharon writes about her life in Normandy.....her family, her friends & her day to day observations, which very much appeal to me....& I'm sure to many, many others as well!

                        Whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, Sharon's daily entries are ones you simply need to experience yourself!.....
Her thoughts are honest & simple & incredibly beautiful....and may I say today's post is one of her best!.....

You must go visit "My French Country Home".....
I believe you will find it to be one of your favorite blogs as well!
Happy Sunday.



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