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"Shirley Temple".......

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This morning I got woke up to the news that Shirley Temple had passed away.....
& it made me so sad.
   You see my mother is the same age as Shirley Temple, & was one of her biggest fans!.....As a little girl my mother saw every one of her films, had some of her books & wore some of the clothes that were offered at the local department stores!.....especially a pair of silk pajamas given to her by some doting friends of her parents!
   My mother you see was an only child leaving on a farm in the early 30's, so the movies & dolls & books of Shirley Temple were just thrilling to her!
   When I was a little girl, we also watched Shirley's movies & I loved this adorable little girl as well!...listening as my mom would recall how Shirley went from little girl to pre-teen to teenager, which unfortunately the audience did not really embrace, opting rather for the movies of her childhood...But my mom still loved her as a young adult, siting movies that she remembered & loved.
   I have not talked to my mom yet today, but I am sure it is a bit sad for her too. This darling little girl, that was such an icon of a certain time in our history, is now gone. However through her movies & of course through all she did as a diplomat in her later years, she will be remembered fondly.
   I believe that sometime today, I will pull out one of my Shirley Temple DVD's & watch it once again......& smile at that darling little face, blonde curls & big dimples.....


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