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"My Vintage Valentine Swap" has Begun!".........

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hello Friends!
I am so happy to say that my "Handmade Christmas Swap 2013" was such a huge success, with many of you asking about a follow-up!
 So with that in mind & with lots of excitement, I am announcing my....
 "Vintage Valentine Swap 2014"!!
For this swap, I am asking you to please sign up from now till Wednesday, January 15th.....
I will assign partners on Thursday, January 16th.....
and you will have till Friday/Saturday, January 24-25 to send your partner's swap box off!
If you would like to join me, please know you are to send your partner a lovely box, filled with Valentine's treasures!...Some items should be "homemade", some "vintage" & maybe something "new"!
Use your imagination to create a charming box that has been put together in a beautiful way!...remember to send a box that you would love to receive!....but with your partner's style & taste!
If you would like to join my "Vintage Valentine Swap 2014", please fill out the Information Sheet below & e-mail it to me at!
Thank you so much!...Your friend, Heidi XO
Information Sheet:
e-mail address:
colors you prefer for Valentines:
favorite magazines:
favorite desserts/confections:
favorite scents of candles:


Jazzie February 19, 2014 at 4:34 PM  

Too bad I'm too late for the vintage valentine swap, I want to have the dressmaking materials fabric you are swapping

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