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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Friends, How are you all?....I have been so seriously absent from blogging!...Not sure exactly why?....I guess a number of things have contributed to my lack of posting!....Of course work has been crazy, with Etsy orders coming in daily, which is wonderful, but certainly something that takes a great deal of time!......Then the "time of year", which means Halloween preparations for school & home! well as a few birthdays added to the mix!.....And then the everyday,.... "exercising", or at least trying to! shopping", "planning meals" & of course the continual "stream of laundry"?...

I know I am sound like I am complaining, but actually I am very happy for all that is going on around here!.....I love that we have 3 generations living here, under one roof. I love how in this little house, you can hear what each of us is doing all at once....I'm cooking in the kitchen, Andrew is playing in his room, Mallory is in the garage sewing.....Holly is at the kitchen table working on homework & Ter is at the computer in the office.....I can hear each of them....the click of the computer keys.... the flipping of textbook pages....the hum of the sewing machine....the sounds of a 5-year old's imagination.... & the boiling water on the stove. What "music" it makes....a "symphony of household sounds".....How I adore the arrangement of it all.... & the people creating it.

The message here today is...I am really excited about getting back to my blog & visiting you all...but once in awhile,... we all need to take breaks & "listen to our lives".


*Noelle* October 30, 2009 at 1:19 PM  

you do sound very busy! blogging is a great hobby that i don't like to neglect but it can be time consuming visiting all the gals you love! glad to hear you are getting lots of orders, thats great!!

when will you announce your christmas swap??

happy halloween tomorrow sweetie!!

Noelle ♥

Paula November 1, 2009 at 8:21 PM  

I love it~ "take time to listen to our lives". You couldn't have said that better.
I love your picture in this post. So beautiful!

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