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"Crafting 101".....Creating a Workspace

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today is "Crafting 101". Before you begin any craft projects, you simply need a place to work.....and for many of us it is the kitchen table!.....As wonderful as working at the kitchen table can be, it is also a place that is continually being used for various activities.....making it possibly not the best choice for crafting.

With that said, crafting doesn't require a fancy room or lots of space. In fact any little area of your home or garage where you can have a workspace, a little storage & a source of good light will work just perfectly!

For me, it is a skinny little area in my garage!...Now this is not the most attractive crafting area, but it does meet all the requirements!.....
After moving into our house, I noticed there was a long counter in the garage, which I believe had been used as a carpenter's table. It was a little dirty & used, but nothing I couldn't scrub up & make all mine! So that is precisely what I am showing you today!.....

Organization is key!.....Decide what you truly need to do the crafts projects you love & get rid of the rest!...holding onto tools & such that you know you will never use, just contributes to the madness!
I have used old glasses found at a thrift shop to organize my pens, lint brushes, scissors, etc. I have also used a little old dish to place tacks in , as well as always having a pin cushion at the ready! A package of pretty note cards, tucked among the utilitarian items, adds a little bit of prettiness to the area!

In this photo, you can see how I have used inexpensive particle board shelving from Target, to create convenient storage....& I have arranged them so they will give division to my cardboard boxes & pillow forms....keeping them accessible, as well as nice & tidy!

Plastic buckets & cheap waste paper baskets work very well for storing all my cellophane & wrapping paper. I can easily see what I have at a glance....making wrapping a lovely gift all that much more enjoyable!

As you can see, I have a crazy mis-mash of containers, but each one houses exactly what I use most!....My crafting area in the garage, is one where I can leave out a project if I wish too, & /or work on something without worrying that I am ruining our good furniture or creating a huge mess. This space works incredibly well for me! It has been inexpensive to put together , & a bit "home-ly" decor-wise,..... but this area is so very efficient for me!...
I love sewing, stenciling, & doing crafts of all kinds... This little space helps me be a creative...something we all need to nurture!

So claim a small area in your house or garage & get to crafting!....You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish!

Happy crafting!

Your friend,......

Next week: How to transform 2-thrift shop lamps, into a gorgeous pair, using Martha Stewart's new decorator paints!!


AndeM1 August 18, 2011 at 7:47 AM  

I love easy...anyone can do as you have and create a space in their home using what they have on hand.......

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