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"Decorating Tuesday"....How To Arrange Your Hutch

Monday, August 22, 2011

I have been attracted to "hutches & cupboards" my entire life......There is just something terribly romantic about an old piece of furniture filled to the brim with treasures!....For me, it is all about my collection of "brown transferware".....another collection of "Guy Wolff gardening pots".... & of course a few incredible pieces of my "Emma Bridgewater Pottery"....who can resist all those darling words on classic pieces of creamware!

Today being Tuesday, & the topic "decorating, I thought it might be fun & informative to show how to arrange a hutch-top/sideboard!....For years, I have been doing this for clients. What I have learned is you need to please yourself!...After all the hutch resides in "your" house. It is an area that can make quite a statement, so make sure that statement feels right for "you"! No decorator can feel what you do, so forget the rules & just please yourself!...

#1- Remove everything from your hutch-top; & remember too that this piece of furniture does not have to be a prize quality antique!...look at mine! The bottom is a very old Mexican sideboard, picked up at a consignment shop,... & the top is a "far-from-great-quality" hutch-top I found in an unfinished furniture store,.... brought home & painted black. I paid $400 for the sideboard & $40 for the hutch!!....I always thought I would paint both pieces a wonderful color, but somehow have always kept it mis-matched...which I find really charming!
#2- Dust & clean thoroughly before decorating; everything looks a little prettier without layers of dust!

#3- Take inventory of all the items that might possibly find a home on your hutch;I happen to love a fairly neutral color-scheme of browns, creams & whites,...but you may prefer stronger colors, which will work beautifully as well! Of course displaying dishes is the traditional choice for hutches, but remember again to collect & display the items you love, not what you happen to see in a magazine! I have used some very unusual items when putting together hutches for clients,.... among them, a collection of African masks/pottery....another all silver pieces from top to bottom.... & even a hutch filled with all the darling items of babyhood, all in the sweetest nursery!

#4- Place the largest items, as well as the background pieces first on the hutch; As you can see, for me that is all the large serving trays, as well as a pair of old iron urns & my Target lamp, with a lampshade I borrowed from my grandson's room ( my daughter had just switched it out for a much preferred bright red one!)
#5- Proceed to fill-in with the medium sized items....gradually going smaller & smaller; remember to slightly overlap a few of your pieces;
example: after placing a large platter near the back of the hutch, adding a pitcher or vase in front of it creates depth, & in turn interest to the space!....You want to create layers, which is exactly why you begin with the largest & work to the smallest of items; make sure too to have tiny items near the edge of the shelves, so they can be admired & enjoyed.

#6- After all your pieces are placed, be sure & add "life" to the entire space with flowers, greenery, moss, or really nature of any kind; do make sure to use what is seasonal....& remember too,... to choose flowers in the true colors they are in nature!

#7- As a final touch, & if space allows, add a pair of chairs, or a darling bench or even a collection of large baskets in front of your hutch; this again adds layers of interest to your room....
Possibly add a hand-made rug, pretty pillows or even a soft throw, bringing softness & a
"sense of home" to the entire arrangement!

O.K. my friends, I believe you are ready to have some fun!....

Off you go to create a personal statement with your hutch-top!

Any questions.....please just e-mail me!....or leave me a comment, & I will get right back to you!

Be creative & make your home fabulous!

Till tomorrow!~ heidi


Andrea August 23, 2011 at 10:00 AM  

Your hutch is absolutely gorgeous! I adore everything about it . Are those real or faux hydrangeas?

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here August 23, 2011 at 7:55 PM  

Beautiful! Your transferware is gorgeous and I love the Bridgewater pottery.

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