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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today our subject is "gardening". And since I wanted to chat about the glorious "sunflower"...I thought I would combine the two.
Now to be very honest,..... this year the sunflowers I planted in my garden were sad disappointments. I thought I had done everything correctly, but my sunflowers were wimpy & pathetic. .....I have been a gardener long enough however, to realize that sometimes that is the way it is.....
Next year I will re-evaluate the situation, but for now I just need "sunflowers"!

So this August, I have had a lovely relationship with large bunches of sunflowers,.... all of which have been bought at the open market & the grocery store. No problem at all!...
I have displayed them in large ironstone pitchers, in galvanized buckets & even on my front door in an old grapevine basket....It is August after all, & I must decorate the house with sunflowers!

You see there is something quite curious about sunflowers. As far as decorating is concerned, sunflowers look amazing in all styles of interiors!....Obviously "country" by nature, the sunflower is quickly associated with farmhouses & red barns....However, they also are very European, showing up in old French manor houses, displayed in large earthenware pottery.....& lastly the sunflower is so large & graphic in shape, that placing them in a very contemporary home is quite charming as well

So today's gardening tip is this....

1) Plant sunflowers in your garden ( which is usually very easy to do!)
2) or purchase sunflowers to display throughout August
3) rejoice in the classic simplicity that is the "sunflower"!

Enjoy a happy Wednesday!......




Sherri August 24, 2011 at 7:41 AM  

Sunflowers always make me smile! So I think everyone that is having a bad day should buy some sunflowers :)!

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