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" Late August"....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15th, 2012
How are you all? I hope you all have been enjoying these months of Summer!.....It certainly has flown by, hasn't it?.....I cannot believe that fall is just around the corner?....
Here at our house the garden has taken over in a very big way!....The hot humid temperatures have helped the tomatoes ripen, the zucchini produce uncontrolably.... & have given my lovely tomatillos over to the pestiest little caterpillars!.....
However, I also am so enjoying all the produce we are being given!...Yesterday I made pesto & this morning zucchini bread!.....Dinners are consisting of lots & lots of fresh salads!, all of which incorporate tomatoes!..sunburst, cherry, yellow pear, green & heirloom!....All so amazingly pretty hanging from the vines like little round earrings.
This summer has seen a lot of  8 year old activity as well, in the form of my grandson Andrew!...He has spent many days & nights here at out house....which I have to say that I, as his "nini", absolutely love! We have played Legos around the clock, worked adding soil to raised garden beds, have taken lots of walks & have enjoyed "cocktails"each afternoon, the ingredients being peach Kool-aid & fizzy water & lots of crushed ice!
I also have been piling up the sewing projects, something I am very good at, "piling" that is.....jammie pants for Andrew, maternity tops for his mom, curtains for the kitchen & maybe a few items I could  tuck back for Christmas gifts. All my intentions are sincere, but summer has a way of pushing these "to-do's" into the weeks of September, which will have to do.
Summer this year has been a good one....& one I will continue to enjoy for a couple more weeks!....With company coming, I believe a few more evenings spent on the patio are in store.
Experience each  August moment!......Your friend, Heidi XO


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