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"The List Writing has Begun".....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I have news.....We have purchased a house!.....After 4 years of renting, we will once again be homeowners....& it feels great!
Now keep in mind, my husband & I like "projects" & believe me we will have plenty!....The new house is very dated, circa. is very plain....& quite worn.

On the flip side....
 it sits on a 1/2 acre,
 is out in the country,
 has a small barn,
 large pool ( with slide...can't get more dated than that!...but grandsons LOVE slides!),
 old antique-y gazebo,
 3 prolific orange trees,
 a courtyard
 & a terrifically large area for a garden!.....

If you can tell, I am beyond excited!....I have purchased at least a couple notebooks where the list making has begun!...Lists of paint colors, fabric swatches, indoor tasks, outdoor tasks, etc. etc.

We will be moving in late May/early June & I plan on blogging about our progress, our mishaps & everything in between!

Hope you'll join me!



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