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"Pink Saturday & Paper Chickens"....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello to our hostess "Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound",.... as well as all the "Pink Ladies" of this week's Pink Saturday!...Now I am aware that this is "not" our Easter post quite yet,.... however, I just had to share this darling craft with you from Martha Stewart, just in case you may want to make these "Hens & Chicks" for your Easter celebration this year!
I felt there was enough "pink" in this photo to qualify it for Pink Saturday...I hope you all agree!
These darling decorations are "down-loadable" & so easy to put together! ...I am so making these for my Easter table!...If you'd like to join me,'s how!....Off to visit you all....Heidi XO
From Martha Stewart's website:

Feather your Easter or spring party table with a mother hen and her brood of chicks. Hyacinths nest within the centerpiece, and candy peeps out from the hatchlings, which serve as favors. Your guests will cluck their approval.

Chick Favor How-To
You'll need heavyweight matte paper, scissors, a bone folder, a glue stick, small white paper bags (look for ones that are 3 inches wide by 2 inches deep), cellophane bags, and ribbon.

1. Download and print our chicken template onto paper twice.
2. Cut roughly around images. Score along dotted lines with bone folder, and then fold. Glue wrong sides together. (You should have 2 double-sided chicks.) Cut out images carefully.
3. Trim top of paper bag so it is 2 inches tall. Glue a chick to one side of closed bag, aligning base of image with bottom of bag. Unfold bag and repeat on other side.
4. Fill a cellophane bag with treats, such as candy-coated chocolate eggs, and tie with ribbon; place inside paper bag.

Hen Centerpiece How-To
You'll need heavyweight matte paper, a glue stick, scissors, white paper bags (look for ones that are 6 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches deep), flowers, twine, and a low vase or glass.

1. Download and print our hen template onto paper twice. Using the mirror-image function on the copier or your computer, make 2 reverse images.
2. Glue wrong sides of images together, creating 2 double-sided hens. Carefully cut out images.
3. Trim top of paper bag so it is 5 inches tall. Glue a hen to one side of closed bag, aligning base of image with bottom of bag. Unfold bag, and repeat on other side.
4. Trim flower stems so that blooms will peek out just over the top of the hen; bundle stems with twine. Arrange flowers in a water-filled vase, and set container inside paper bag.


"The Week We Lost A Little Freedom"......

Good Morning Friends.....This has been quite a week. It almost feels like some kind of frightening dream. How does it feel to have "Freedom" slipping away?.....

* We have a President that cares more about what "HE" wants for the country than what we do (2/3 of American people oppose the health reform bill)

* We have elected officials that also vote the way our President wants them too, instead of how their constituents feel ( back room deals & bribes from the administration & President in order to get votes for this bill)

* Our President has lied to us all....Information available about health care reform bill? debates?....televised legislation concerning this issue?

We as American citizens are so busy we are not paying attention to what is happening!....We are allowing a small elite group of people decide how are "health care" will be implemented to each of us & our family members! Health care needs some revision, but not in this way!....Shouldn't our President & the members of our Senate & House of Representatives, listen to the people?....They have not!

And lastly... If this Heath Care Reform Bill is so fabulous, than why is President Obama & all the representatives & senators & their families "NOT" taking part in it too???....Should not our leaders be front row center when it comes to being "examples" to the American people!....Look at the photo of the"joyous group" above....NOT ONE OH THEM WILL EVER TAKE PART IN THIS HEALTH CARE BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Yet they are THRILLED TO ALLOW YOU to!

This morning I received this video from my dear friend Susie. I beg you to watch it. It is approx. 5 minutes long & will really show you what we all have in store for ourselves.

Indeed, this has been a very somber week for this country. I hope come November we will remember this week & make some changes. That is the only way we will protect the freedom we have left.

Your Friend, Heidi XO


"Rag Ball Easter Eggs"....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is an article I wrote in the March/April issue of my newsletter, "Living Little with Heidi"....thought you might all enjoy it with Easter right around the corner!

“Rag Ball Easter Eggs”
Easter at our house,… always involves “branches, blooms & a variety of eggs“. Last year, I decided I wanted to create something new, so I created the “Rag ball Easter egg”. Loving the look of rag balls, I basically made these exactly the same way, wrapping thin strips of lightweight cotton around styrofoam eggs. After completely covering the styrofoam , I hot-glued tiny “paper flowers”, (that I had punched out from scrap- booking paper)….scattering them all over the fabric wrapped eggs!.....

And then as a final touch, I simply added plain, little buttons to the middle of each flower!

I was very pleased with how these charming eggs turned out!….& decided to show them off by suspending them with fishing line, from a branch I plucked from the back yard!.. This year I plan on making a few more. After all, can anyone ever have too many decorated eggs?
Happy preparing!.....Heidi XO
Note: If you would like to receive "Living Little with Heidi", please just contact me at ""


"Spring Blues"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Spring arrives, there is no color that is as perfectly suited to this season than "blue". Now for me,.... it is not every shade of blue, just those that remind you of the tiny eggs you would find in a robin's nest.

Sometimes my favorite shade is the pure blue of the sky, sometimes it's a bit periwinkle-y & sometimes it has just a hint of green.....but it's always & undeniably "blue".

I love blue houses, blue dishes, blue paint, blue pots, blue shutters, & blue flowers!....I want to fill the house with touches of blue!.....

And what I truly appreciate is how blue blends so well with the colors of nature,.... soft browns, leaf green & all hues of white!

This Spring, open those windows, let the fresh breezes in.... & add "bits of blue" throughout your home!....It won't be long before you too will be experiencing those enchanting "Spring Blues"!


"Good Morning".....& "How Do You Line Baskets"?

Good Morning Friends, Hope this Tuesday morning finds you well & inspired!....

Here at our house, boxes are disappearing, rooms are getting organized... & our new house is beginning to feel cozy & may I say, like "home"!....

One observation though,.... This moving business has a way of reminding you of projects you wanted to take on, but somehow never got to!...I have been going through boxes of sewing & craft projects, that somehow are tucked away...."unfinished"?....Please tell me you have such projects as well?....One such project is the "lining of baskets with old quilts"....I adore these & would love a few around the house...... I have the baskets...I have the quilts,.... but somehow have misplaced the instructions?.... I can "google" directions, but thought I would ask you if you've lined baskets this way?...& if so, would you mind sharing your knowledge with me!...I always prefer being advised by if you have a few minutes would you please share the best way to make "lined baskets"!......Thank you so much!

Now off to get this day started!...Make it a great little Tuesday!.....Love, Heidi XO


"A Darling Idea".....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

O.K....not that I need to move to want to decorate my house, but a "new space" definitely spurs on my "re-decorating tendencies"!....Through the years, I have always favored a " country farmhouse feel",... with a bit of elegance thrown in for good measure. And in amongst all the worn wood finishes & antique toolboxes, this girl definitely needs a bit of glitz in the mix,....usually in the way of a drippy chandelier or a few mercury glass candlesticks!

So with decorating on my mind, I was thumbing through a few old magazines & came across this "darling idea"!...An idea I am so going to try!.....Making "drapery tie-backs" from "butter-pat plates"!....I already have a huge addiction to china, especially plates, so this project is perfect for me!

All you need is a large flat head screw, a washer & a butter-pat plate. You take the washer & put the screw through it, then super-glue the plate to the screw/washer & you have it!...The most charming drapery tieback ever!...

So this week, I will be looking through my stash of tiny plates & deciding which ones will accessorize my drapery panels!....So easy & so pretty!

Enjoy your Sunday!......Your friend, Heidi XO


Pink Saturday & Lots of Boxes!?......

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank you to Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound for another Pink Saturday!...Last week, I was knee deep in actually moving & couldn't be with you all,.... where this Saturday finds me having made "some progress", but with still far too many boxes waiting to be unpacked!!?
I hope this is not just our family, but no matter how organized you think you are, moving still is a huge process & one that takes awhile to recover from!
I know there are far worse things in life, but right now moving is on my"top 10"!
Good news is,... I LOVE my new house!....To me it feels like a little English cottage! needless to say I am very happy about that!....Now if I could just get a few more boxes unpacked!.....Or maybe instead, I'll set them aside, make myself a cup of tea & come visit all of you?....Now that's a plan!! Happy Pink Saturday!.....Heidi XO


Just Checking In....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Morning!...& Happy Sunday to you all!......Just a quick little post this morning!...This last week we have been packing, packing, packing... & yesterday the actual move took place. I HATE moving, but we found a darling house that was just perfect for our family so move we did!
Today & this week... will be filled with "unpacking & arranging" & making this house our own!.....
Other things on my agenda this week,.... are assigning partners to my
"Homemade Easter Swap" tomorrow,.... as well as finishing & sending out my March/April newsletter, "Living Little with Heidi"!.....If you are interested in joining me in my Easter swap,.... or in receiving my monthly on-line newsletter, please e-mail me at!....Would love to add your name to either or both lists!
O.K. off to get this day started!.....Oh?.....Where to begin?.......Love, Heidi XO


Announcing the "Queen bee Market"!!!!.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Morning Friends, Very exciting news!....Holly & I have both been asked to participate as vendors in the.... "Queen bee Market", May 1st, here in Southern California!!....What is so wonderful, and as the" title" states,.... this is an entirely new, modern & fresh approach to this one day "art/gift show"!!.....Crafts people & artists from all over Southern California will gather together with all their offerings, while the public is able to "browse the shops", choosing their purchases & pay at one centralized check out!

My daughter Holly, from the Etsy shop, "mommyholly" will be there with an amazing selection of her hand-made "papergoods"!...the loveliest cards, invitations, tags & darling scrapbooking accessories!

And of course I will be there with basketfuls of my hand-stenciled, French- inspired pillows, from my Etsy shop, "Heidi Devlin Design"!

I invite you to make a day of it!....Plan May 1st, 2010 to be in Carlsbad, California, from 10-6, at the "Queen bee Market"!!....Visit the "Queen bee" website for all the information & details!!!

Wishing you all of happy little day!.....Heidi XO


"A Bit of Pink Sparkle"..... for PINK SATURDAY

Friday, March 5, 2010

This week, in celebration of "PINK SATURDAY", I've decided to spotlight a bit of "pink sparkle" in the way of lovely ear bobs!....otherwise known to us as "earrings"! All three pairs are made from talented artists on Etsy, which if you don't know, is a wonderful website where artists gather to sell their treasures! This first pair is from "Lara Lewis" who makes some of the most charming jewelry ever!

These next bright little beauties are from the Etsy shop "Elvendale", which also has the most adorable pieces! Such a pretty color of pink!

And thirdly, are these exquisite little earrings from "Glitz Glitter" another delightful shop!...I thought each one of these lovely pieces was truly worthy of our PINK SATURDAY! You must visit each of these vendors & treat yourself! Afterall, every girl deserves a "bit of pink sparkle"!

Thank you Beverly @ "How Sweet The Sound" for being our hostess!!


"Heidi's Homemade Easter Swap"......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Morning Friends, I am happy to announce that is it time for "Heidi's Homemade Easter Swap"!......This year's theme being "homemade"!....We are all having a wonderful time with this series of swaps... & so hope you will join me in this newest one!.......

To participate you need to e-mail me at "" saying you would like to participate. I have also provided an "Information Sheet" at the end of this post, for you to fill out & e-mail to me as well!

For this swap, as in all my swaps, I am asking you each to make up a lovely Easter themed box for your partner!...One that is tailored to her tastes & style!.....It should include the following....( suggested limit: $15-20)

* 1- homemade item, something well made & special!
* 1- delicious Spring recipe
* 1- edible treat...after all it is Easter!!
* & a variety of charming tiny treasures that you know your partner will delight in!

Once again, I want to remind you all,.... that commiting to a swap is something I take quite seriously!...Swaps can be incredibly fun & you can meet some of the loveliest ladies...however with that said, swaps are still a bit of a" gamble" know that going in!...I have to say that the group of ladies that usually sign up for my swaps are not only dependable, but some of the nicest women I have ever met.... & most have become very dear friends!!.....So overall my swaps are quite reliable, with each of us receiving a charming swap box!

I have to say that I am thrilled to be hosting this "Easter swap" & invite you all to join me & to also spread the word! After a long winter we all deserve to receive a box of pretty Easter finery!

E-mail me soon!...I will be accepting participants from now till Sunday, March 14th & will be sending you each your partner on Monday, March 15th...You will have till Monday, March 22nd to make up your partner's swap box & mail it of to her....I want you all to have your boxes well before Easter Sunday!....I am looking forward to hearing back from all of you!!.....

Happy Spring!....Your friend, Heidi XO

Information sheet:
* Name:
* Address:
* E-mail address:
* Blog address:
* Decorating Style:
* Personal Style:
* Hobbies or pastimes you enjoy:
* Favorite Easter treats:
* Favorite candle scents:
* Favorite magazines:
* Favorite color in general & favorite Easter color:
* International partner?:


"Yellow".....the Color of Early Spring......

I am so in love with "yellow"!.....No color exemplifies Early Spring as much as this light-hearted shade!.....After months of grey days & dark skies, yellow reminds us that winter will eventually come to an end, & "mild days of warm sun & soft breezes" will return once more!.....Whether it is a soft sweep of a"beautiful table skirt".........

Or the "bright splash of lemon".....

or an amazing "field of yellow daffodils".......

or a charming kitchen corner embellished with delicate "forsythia, tulips & citrus", ......"Yellow" is the "Color of the Season"!!......" The Belle of the Ball"......We are all so ready for her to make her debut....for us all to enjoy now & throughout the year!.....

Your friend, Heidi XO


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