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"Glittered Ragball Easter Eggs"...vintage inspired & incredibly charming!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Sunday to you all!
A little news from my shop, "Heidi Devlin Design"....
the "Glittered Ragball Eggs" are back!..... & all ready to be the most charming centerpiece for your Easter table!
I make these large 5" eggs, just like old-fashioned rag-balls, using my oatmeal-y cotton... & then encrust them in "mica flakes & crystal glitter"!!...They are so pretty piled in an old basket or ironstone bowl!....
And using the brown paper grass gives them such an old-world, vintage-y feel!

Come visit my shop this week & browse a bit!



The simplest things.......

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

fingerling potatoes + olive oil + kosher salt = heaven

Long live spuds!



"sweet aromas...happy family..."

Monday, February 13, 2012

This evening I thought I would whip up a batch of the
"Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies"( lazily I'm making bars)....we all have a crazy yearning for something sweet, so to make them just a tad healthier I am using whole wheat flour. The family is getting better about accepting "whole wheat", so I am truly using it in about all I bake these days!.....another step in the right direction, even though chocolate chip cookies may not be?

Deciding to bake cookies while making dinner, especially in our tiny kitchen may not be the best idea?....but proceed I did.
....flour, baking soda, chocolate chips & nuts....

And tonight I was able to chop the walnuts in my new Martha Stewart "nut chopper"!...I remember my mother having one of these little jars, but it didn't have the measurements on the side, so this little feature is so appreciated!

Here they Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chip Bars.....warm from the oven....

sweet smelling house, happy family.......

all is well.

Enjoy your evening....

Love, heidi xo


"Trying to Live Healthy"....

Monday, February 6, 2012

I am simply in awe, of those of you who make almost everything from scratch!?...
I so want to be YOU!.....
With the beginning of the new year last month, my daughter Mallory & I went on this ridiculous cleanse. Well, it didn't seem so were able to eat meals, very limited gluten, no meat, not caffeine, no sugar. Sounds O.K. right?...well you were supposed to be on this for 21 days, but we both lasted two...barely.
At the end of the first day, Mallory was seeing spots, with the most incredible sugar withdrawl ever. I felt O.K. but was so calm it was eerie.
Then on the second day I simply had no attention span?....I couldn't concentrate on a thing. I decided to sit for a bit on the sofa, where I practically ended up in the fetal position!....My husband came home, witnessed me almost comatose,... & told me to go make myself a cup of coffee!...He begged, "Stop this nonsense!...Just eat healthy!"....So that is exactly what we have been doing!....and both Mallory & I are feeling great!
What the "cleanse" did do for us though, was to get me off of diet soda, Mallory to stop nibbling candy all day at work,... & it made both of us very conscious of what we are putting in our here is where I get back to the idea of "cooking from scratch".
Lately I am reading the sides of boxes & cans...& OMGoodness! It is so scary!...Even on many of the items that seem quite healthy, there remains a few ingredients that you cannot pronounce?..or have no idea what they are?....Isn't that creepy?
In the light of our new awareness, both Mallory & I are trying to adapt a "chemical-free" diet. We are trying to make more & more from scratch, instead of purchasing the already prepared variety, like spaghetti sauce or soup, etc. We are also attempting to create meals where we have to prepare very little, eating "cleaner" I guess. Veggies that are simply drizzled with a little olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt & roasted....Broiled fish, prepared in a similar way, & we have even been grilling fruit with a bit of brown sugar, instead of processed desserts!...and I have to say we are both finding it all quite exciting!...
Like I said above, both Mallory & I are feeling much better, realizing just this morning that neither one of us has had a headache for weeks!...I am happy to say I've lost almost 10lbs....we both have lots of energy & our cravings for caffeine & sugar are becoming less & less.
In short, eating healthy works!
I know we have just begun our journey, but I think we both are headed in the right direction!
If any of you have "clean" recipes or tips, please let me know! I would love any ideas you may have!....and may include them in one of my upcoming newsletters!

Here's to being healthy & happy!


The Valentine's Issue of "Living Little" has been sent!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Greetings Friends,
Happy Friday to you all!....I wanted to let you know that the "February".... & that means the Valentine's issue, of "Living Little with Heidi" is on it's way to all of you!....
I was very happy with how this month's issue turned out!..... & hope you all agree with me!

In this month's issue....

* "Decorating with Blue/White Transfer-ware"
(historical in design, but also perfect today!)

* "Blueberries in Winter" Recipes
( all delicious, but tart is over-the-moon!!)

* "Shopping for Red"
( darling items for your home, yourself & for valentine's day)

*"Sweet Craft Idea for All Your Girlfriends"
(a "living little" idea that all your girlfriends will adore!)

Wishing you all a delightful February!....If you would like to subscribe to my free, monthly on-line newsletter, "Living Little with Heidi", please write me at & I will be happy to send you both the January & February issues!
"Living Little" is all about "creating a beautiful life with little time, little money & little space"...something I believe we all can relate to!
I write about what works for me in the areas of decorating, cooking, gardening, crafts & entertaining!..... & love sharing my ideas with all of you!

Wishing you a cozy winter weekend!

your friend,

heidi xo



Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am very frustrated to say the least. Let me explain. I have always been the mother & wife that enjoys entertaining, whether it be birthday parties, family dinners, or holidays. I love the planning & the execution & the actual event. I love opening my home, sharing meals, & special days with our friends & family....& I believe our guests enjoy it too.

What I will never understand is the lack of consideration when it comes to R.S.V.P.-ing?
What is with that?....
You send invitations, asking if the recipient will let you know if they are able to come or not....not difficult. Now keep in mind it used to mean calling, but now more than not it is simply e-mailing the hostess, letting them know "yes" you are coming or "no" you are not....very, very easy, right?...
So again I ask, why don't people do it?....
Were we all not brought up to R.S.V.P?...I was brought up in a middle-class home, not terribly fancy, but there was not an invitation that went through our home where I was allowed to ignore calling the hostess.
I was taught that taking the time was respectful. Respectful of the hostess's time in planning meals & decor.
It was called having good manners....
& so I raised my own children.
oday however, this issue seems to be getting worse & worse!....I still entertain quite frequently, but receive only a handful of calls, usually having to check-in with people to see if indeed they are coming?....And most recently my daughter Holly, who is getting married in the next few weeks, has been given some lovely bridal showers...& of course half the people invited do not R.S.V.P? OMG!!??
My message here is this.....use the manners your mothers taught you!....act responsibly & politely!....
If you were thought highly enough of, to be invited to an event, then be responsible & respectful enough to R.S.V.P. to the host/hostess.
Remember to treat others the way you wish them to treat you.

Forgive my lecturing....



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