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"I Am Just One Woman....."

Friday, July 30, 2010

Good Morning Friends!
Has it really been almost a week since I blogged?.....Other of course from last night when I accidentally posted a lovely picture without any text??...What was that all about?....but thank you to the sweet ladies who left a comment about the lovely picture itself!

I guess my "wordless post" yesterday, was an indication of my last week. As many of you know I have an Etsy shop where I sell hand-stenciled pillows. Well I truly appreciate how busy I have become, however, in the last few weeks the orders were coming in faster than I realized!...A great thing for a business, but I somehow forgot that filling each order takes time!...always more time than you actually realize!

Long story short, I have been stenciling, sewing, packing & mailing around the clock!.....Always wanting to give wonderful customer service ( a holdover from my Nordstrom days!),.... I have reluctantly had to inform customers I was running a bit behind....not something I feel very comfortable with....
I am happy to report that I am beginning to see a light at the end of my sewing tunnel!....Another few days & I believe I will be all caught up!

I have learned a few things in these last few days....I absolutely LOVE my small pillow business. I love making pillows & sending then off to ladies who appreciate what I do. ....however, I also am just one woman. One woman always taking on much more than she can comfortably handle!! Sound familiar?
I am finishing up on the lovely pillow projects I have left....& happily re-opening my shop next week.......

I will also remember that my business is only one part of my life. I will remember there is only 24 hours in a day. I will remember I am just one person. I will realize once again that I am happiest when I have breathing room & time to putter.

love you all......Heidi xo


Thursday, July 29, 2010


"Pink Summer Saturdays"......

Friday, July 23, 2010

What "Pink Summer Saturdays" are made of!

"Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream" from Country Living.....

"Pink Saturday" from Beverly at "How Sweet The Sound".....

Enjoy your day!.......Heidi XO


"Forgotten Corners"......

Thursday, July 22, 2010

There are tiny "forgotten corners" in all our homes.....I affectionately call them "nooks & crannies"......& I will admit I love them!......When left alone, these crannies can make a house appear somewhat neglected, but when addressed, these same spaces can add a bit of enchantment to your home!
Here at our house, I have such an area, at the back of our living room, right before you step out on the patio. The space is very small & narrow....however when dealing with a small rental house, you want to make sure each & every space is working for you!....& so I decided to spruce this one up!
I added a small, dark wood, storage unit from Target & then just dressed it out!....
* 1-pretty lamp
* 1- colonial lantern & candle
1- white ironstone pitcher, filled with bright & lovely sunflowers
* 1-thrift store mirror, 1 pair of vintage flower prints w/o frames & one charming hook with my garden hat hanging from it.....

This little corner turned out just the way I wanted! area to keep all out outdoor/patio items, like towels, flip-flops, a few toys, magazines & snacks,.... all tucked away in the cubbies,.... while the top of the can be decorated like an expensive piece of furniture,....
seasonal, fresh & charming!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!.........
Your friend, Heidi XO


"Living Little's" Summer Tablesetting....

A couple weeks ago at my first "Living Little Class", I was sharing ideas for setting pretty Summertime tables. My outdoor table was all done in soft aqua & bright yellow, ....which I think is just the loveliest color combination for warm weather table settings! I used the table on my small patio, right off our kitchen & sitting room.... & everything I used was something I already had on hand!...That was the point! To create beautiful tables without spending too much money or too much time! So this is what I did!.....

Centerpiece was IKEA glass bottles, filled 1/2 full with water.... & a few long-stemmed, grocery store yellow daisies.....I also added a pair of glass cylinder vases, with a bit of sand & white pillars...& a collection of vintage, aqua-blue canning jars, done the the same way with sand & votives!

I decided my everyday white ironstone "diner" plates would look "crisp & classic" with the addition of early, Martha Stewart-K mart salad plates placed on top,.... along with very inexpensive glass bowls from IKEA!.....Kmart water goblets, that I have had for years, &
thrift- store tumblers were perfect for water & sparkling wine!

My napkins were homemade! I used yellow gingham & hand-stenciled each with one single number, 1 through four, for each place setting!....I used acrylic paint & hemmed the edges with heavy-duty iron on tape. And each napkin was adorned with these darling enamel-ware "rose" napkin rings, that I picked up while on vacation to New York City!....So pretty!

Also wanting to use the lids of the canning jars, which are so wonderfully heavy,.... I added just a little sand & votive to each, & positioned them at each place-setting. And as the perfect place-mat, decided to use a gorgeous scrapbooking paper!....Amazing designs & cheap!....What could be better!

I was very pleased with how this lovely table turned out!...It proves that beauty can be achieved easily with a little creativity.... & very little money, time or space!....just what "Living Little with Heidi" is all about!....
So today, look through those cupboards of yours...mix & match....& see what enchanting table setting you can come up with!
You will be surprised at all the possibilities!.....

Have fun!....Your friend, Heidi XO

Note: If you would like to receive my newsletter, "Living Little with Heidi" please e-mail me at!


A Wedding To Remember....

Monday, July 19, 2010

This last Saturday evening my grandson Andrew made his official debut as "ring bearer"!....As his "Nini", I was completely overwhelmed with how handsome he looked dressed in his tux, patent leather shoes & deep purple boutonniere. When did my "grand baby" turn into this darling young man?......
The evening was a very special one for our family! Andrew's father Chris, married the most lovely lady, his fiance,..... "Miss Kelly". The two of them said their vows surrounded by large oak trees & winding paths.... with all the people they love looking on.

As the ceremony ended, Chris & Kelly strolled to where we were all waiting, to be introduced for the first time as "Mr. & Mrs"....... They were simply beaming..... & truly were the perfect couple!

Congratulations Kelly & Chris!....We are so thrilled you have found each other! Wishing you all the happiness you both deserve......Love you, Heidi XO


Pink Saturday's at the Beach!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Here's to blue skies, white sand & very "pink umbrellas!......
The happiest of Pink Saturdays to you all!
Stay cool...relax... & enjoy!
& as always,..... Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hostessing!

Your friend,

Heidi XO


"The Winner Is"....... & "A New Swap"!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Thursday Friends, A couple little announcements today!.....First a sincere "thank you" to all you ladies who left a comment for my "b e a c h" pillow giveaway a couple weeks ago!!...I love that darling pillow & it seems many of you do too!
I am thrilled to announce that the winner is Cindy from her pretty blog, "Only Me Here"! Cindy your pillow is on it's way!! Congratulations!

The second bit of news is about my late summer "AQUA & avocado Vintage Swap"! Just had to squeeze in one more swap before we head into Fall!....Here are the particulars for this swap!

1- You can sign up from now till August 1st. Just fill out the information sheet below & send it to me at
2- partners will be assigned & e-mailed out on August 2nd.
3- you will need to make up & send off your box by August 20th.

Now as with most of my previous swaps, the emphasis is on "VINTAGE"!....However, along with some authentic vintage pieces, please feel free to fill-in with other pretty things that are suited to your partner's tastes & interests! You can add a little"homemade", recipes, etc.... as long as "vintage" is represented! You can also add, along with our theme colors of "aqua & avocado", one other color your partner may love! The budget is $20 w/o creativity will need to be used!!!
If you are interested in joining me, please e-mail me your information sheet at
Here's to "AQUA & avocado"!!!!

Your friend, Heidi XO

Information sheet:
E-mail address:
Favorite color: ( other than aqua/avocado)
Favorite Scents:


"Summer Blues".......

Monday, July 12, 2010

This morning I awoke after the most wonderful sleep.....This first half of Summer has been very busy for this family of mine, but I believe we are now ready to slow down & truly experience the second half of this amazing season. This last Friday night, was my first "Living Little" class,...& may I say it was a simply wonderful evening!.....I will be posting photos & sharing all about it in the Summer issue of my newsletter, "Living Little with Heidi", which is almost finished & will be sent later this week!.....Thank you so much to all the ladies that participated! I so appreciated it!.....

So far this Summer, we have had a couple small, close by, "vacations".....a lovely "bridal shower" for someone we love very much.....a "dinner with good friends" on our patio....."dinosauer camp", & of course my "Living Little Class",...... etc. etc. etc. .....I have thoroughly enjoyed it all, but now am ready to truly immerse myself in Summer!......

And there is no better way to post about Summer than with the color "blue"!...So this morning it is all about "Summer Blues"......Blue hydrangeas, blue flower pots, a sweet little blue linen pillow & of course delicious "blue-berries"!....This morning they are lovely "inspirations", but in the weeks to come I plan on making each a reality!.....Planting more "blue"......painting more "blue", designing with "blue".... & baking with "blue"!!

This morning is the "First day of the rest of Summer"!....I plan on savoring every minute!.....I'm off to enjoy coffee on the patio,..... & spend much of my day making pillows,..... but between stitches, I will be making time to enjoy my "Summer Blues"!.......

Come join me!......

Your friend,...... Heidi XO

Note: "Beach" pillow winner will be announced tomorrow!.......and a "Late Summer Swap" as well!...see you tomorrow!


Celebrating Pink Saturday & my Daughter's New Designs!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday once again!....Today's post is all about the incredibly enchanting new children's clothes from "Wendy Miracle"...a new Etsy shop specializing in the most adorable skirts & dresses for the tiniest of little girls!!....And I must say I especially love this talented shop owner...who just so happens to be my daughter Mallory!....a.k.a. "Wendy Miracle"!

Mallory is designing & sewing constantly, adding darling new items weekly!...Please go visit her shop, where the clothes are bright & beautiful!.....and where there is lots & lots of "pink"!

Thank you to Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound,......for hostessing this week's Pink Saturday!.....
Off for a quiet & relaxing weekend!.......Your friend, Heidi XO


"the Deliciousness that is Summer"......

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Easy Cherry Pie"

Good Morning Friends, Hope you all are settling into the relaxed & slower-paced rhythm of "Summertime". Here at our house, "schedules & to-do lists" have been somewhat abandoned, .....replaced by wonderful afternoons spent chatting with friends & much, much later than usual bedtimes.
It took us a while, with most of June being quite busy, with Andrew in dinosauer camp, a couple short vacations & hosting a bridal shower.....but now July is upon us & life is moving at a much slower pace.....making me very, very happy.
Yesterday I began the morning checking on my tomatoes & basil, which are both doing exceptionally well!.....Breathing in their sweet aroma was to me the
epitome of summer!...cannot wait to actually be picking & making meals with these two favorites!
So onto the subject of today's post!....."pie making"!...Now I have never been a great "pie maker"!....Being married to a man who favors a delicious cake over pie crust,....I somehow have ignored learning how to make a fabulous, envy evoking, old-fashioned pie!....

Nectarine-Blueberry Pie
ince life is slowing down a bit around her, I am hoping, in the next few weeks,.... to learn a little about crusts, fillings & crimping!.....& I will certainly be sharing my adventures with all of you!

Double Blueberry Pie
o to begin, I have chosen three amazing recipes ( or I hope they will be?) from
Country Living!.....
Easy Cherry Pie ..........
Double Blueberry Pie ........ & Nectarine-Blueberry Pie.

Wish me luck!?......
So in the next few days,..... hopefully my kitchen will be filled with sweet scents,.... drifting over my garden & patio...adding to the deliciousness that is "Summer"!
Have a lovely Wednesday Friends!.......I am off to enjoy my morning coffee & assemble ingredients!.......

Your Friend, Heidi XO


PINK SATURDAY & July 4th!...Enjoy!

Friday, July 2, 2010

"God Bless America"

May you all have the loveliest Independence Day!

.......& Happy Pink Saturday as well!

Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound....

Your friend, Heidi XO


Working...July 4th?....& a "Giveaway"!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st?...
I can hardly believe it?.....This week has been spent do just the opposite of what this time of year is known for!...WORKING!.........No picnics, no vacations & no swimming at the beach!?

...but that 's O.K. Because of my diligence, I am almost caught up! I am looking forward to a weekend of barbequed food,... red, white & blue & fireworks!

To celebrate "Summer" & our nations birthday, I am having a little "giveaway"!....My charming "beach" pillow!!!!...from my etsy shop, Heidi Devlin Design!...All you need to do is to leave a comment & I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday, July 4th!
Good Luck to you all!
Heidi XO


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