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"Halloween Has Arrived"..... at Heidi Devlin Design!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

 Good Morning!....
 Happy weekend to everyone!.....Well it appears that Halloween has truly arrived in my etsy shop "Heidi Devlin Designs"!!.....I have something for each of you!! The most charmingly "spooky designs ever!!! These are the most recent additions, but I invite you to visit my shop for even more!

The above pillow is my new "Halloween Subway Art" pillow....measuring 20"x20" it is simply the only pillow needed to welcome in October's favorite holiday!

My "Spider" pillow is very "creepy"..... but may I say in a very sweet way!!

And of course my "Skeleton Hand" pillow needs no introduction...simple, graphic & completely Halloween!....I would love for you to stop by & see what is in store for you this Autumn at Heidi Devlin Designs! See you soon!...Happy haunting!......Heidi XO


"Heidi's Halloween Swap 2012"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Friends,
    I am at home today, puttering around keeping house,... & somehow my mind wandered over to remembering a few years ago when I had so much fun hosting holiday swaps!....I met such lovely friends, & had so much enjoyment putting together wonderful boxes to send to my assigned partners!....Not sure where swaps went?...but ladies, I am in the mood for a good old-fashioned Halloween swap!.....
   If you know me I love anything vintage, hand-made & charming, but I also love items well made. And if you're like me, I also appreciate a box that has been thoughfully put together. one where each item is prettily wrapped & some time has been put into the selection of each item included. Items can be hand made, bought or repurposed, but again it should be a box you, yourself would like to receive.
  So here is how my "Heidi's Halloween Swap" will work. If this sounds like a swap you would like to participate in, please e-mail me at & I will add you to my list. Also please fill out & send me the form that I have included in this blog post. I will leave the swap open until Sunday, September 16th and on Monday, September 17th, I will e-mail you with your partner, as well as her information sheet.
  You will have till Saturday, September 29th to create your swap box & send it off, & please let your partner know that her box is on it's way!
  I am very much into traditions of the past, & feel this swap is a perfect example of that!
  I look forward to hearing back from all of you!!!.....Let's get busy!.....Your friend, Heidi XO

Information Sheet:
E-mail Address:
Favorite colors in your home:
Favorite colors to wear:
Halloween Style: cute, spooky, gothic, vintage, mid century, etc.
Personal Style: modern, clean country, primitive country, traditional, etc.
Halloween colors: black, orange, black/white, or a mix of all colors
Favorite magazine:
Favorite candle scents: 


"2016- Obama's America"...A Must Go!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello Friends, A few nights ago my husband, daughter & I went to see "2016 Obama's America". Written by Dinesh D’Souza, it is one of the most eye-opening documentaries ever. This is a movie everyone should see before voting in November.
    Democrat, Republican or Independent, "2016" will reveal facts about this man that very few of us have heard or fully understood before. Facts that have been out there, but ones our liberal media/government do not want us to know.
   This may be one of the most important documentaries you will ever see, & one of the most important elections ever held. Tell your family, friends & everyone you know! 
     Knowledge is power.

Your friend, Heidi XO


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