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"My Favorite Pastime"....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Puttering" may be my favorite pastime. 

I love wandering from house to garden....
from upstairs to downstairs.

I love checking on the radishes....

the lettuce...

the broccoli...
 (still cannot believe I actually have real live heads of broccoli in my garden? cool is that!)

I love folding warm laundry.

I love deciding on dinner, & preparing it early in the day.

I love that my kitchen table constantly has a project strewn over it.

I love sweet aromas softly spiraling throughout my home.

I love that I am O.K. with imperfection.

I love being home.

Enjoy yours....



"Quilted Decisions".....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Today I am thinking quilts. I am so ready to pick a design, choose fabric & get started.I am thinking possibly a simple "nine patch",.... but done in colors that are exuberant, yet "antique-y"....shades a bit unexpected,...slightly off.


    moss green/faded yellow?


    melon pink /soft red?


    french blue/ worn browns?



    I'll keep you posted....






    Saturday, April 14, 2012

    Greetings from my home to yours!.......I have been away far too long from this beloved little blog of mine!.....2012 hit & it seems our household & family has had one thing after another needing our attention.
    My dear sister-in-law passed away a few weeks ago & traveling, & attending her funeral & saying our last good-byes was something that was sad, but healing at the same time. It seems that during the course of each day, something reminds me of Jackie, & I find myself smiling....I know she is with me always.....
    Then three weeks later my beautiful daughter Holly was married!.....a very hands-on, home-made wedding...& may I say an incredibly lovely affair!....We were told over & over that it felt like a party in our own home, which I took as the highest of compliments!
    And now it seems that my darling daughter Mallory is knee-deep in designing costumes for a production of Peter Pan here in San Diego....In fact my sister-in-law Terri & I spent all day yesterday working at the theater, "bedazzling" costumes & making tu-tu's!!....What a great way to spend an afternoon!
    So now back to my blog!....Spring is here & I for one am so ready!....
    I have so enjoyed reading many of your blog posts, all about subjects pertaining to Spring! So I too want to join in!
    I also want to let all of you know,......who are receiving & requesting my free monthly newsletter,.... "Living Little with Heidi", that I am writing an early Summer issue that will be going out next month!...I apologize for not sending one recently, but you can see I was juggling quite a lot these last couple months!
    If you would like to receive my newsletter please contact me at I will make sure to send a copy off to you!...If you love decorating, thrifting, cooking, gardening & entertaining .....I think "Living Little" is for you!
    And if there is a topic or question for me, please just ask, it may be one I include in the next newsletter!

    Wishing you all a delightful weekend!

    Your friend,



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