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Loving it or Laziness???

Friday, January 8, 2016

O.K. friends, please tell me I am not alone! It is Friday morning on the 8th day of January, & my Christmas decorations are all still up?....Are any of you in the same situation? Please say yes!

Living in Southern California, we rarely have stormy, wintery weather, but this year is different! Fabulous rain & cold temps & blustery-ness all around our little town & I LOVE it! in turn I have kept everything holiday up!  If we had warm, sunny days I may have felt differently, but not this year! I am totally loving all the sweet sparkle & twinkling lights! So it all remains!

Maybe this weekend I will get motivated & drag the bins from the barn & remove all the loveliness, but then again I have birthday gifts for my grandbabies 1st & 3rd birthdays to finish & cookies to bake!
So I may get to it?...or I might enjoy it all for a few more days! 

Happy New Year!......heidi xo


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