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"Exciting News From the Shop!"......."

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Family" pillow-slip/
This morning,
I have the most exciting news from my etsy shop,....
Heidi Devlin Design!
My pillows have become "pillow-slips"!......
For some time now, I have simply offered my designs as actual pillows, with clients having to request the "pillow-slips", & me making them up as custom orders.
However, after much thought, I decided designing & hand-stenciling "pillow-slips" was the way to go for everyone!

Creating "pillow-slips" allows for me to offer many of my pillows at lower prices, as well as slashing the shipping costs to almost 1/2 of what they have been!
And now, with the "pillow-slips" being beautifully made with a finished "envelope closure", customers can easily remove them for laundering, making the pillow-slips ones that are very family friendly!.....
My "pillow-slips" also allow you the"seasonal switch"!!,..... using your existing pillows, but just switching out the "pillow-slip" for one a bit more appropriate for the season you are in!
With the economy the way it is, I am trying very hard to offer charming pillows, runners & accessories that are not only extremely well-made, but very well priced as well!

I encourage you to visit the shop very soon!....& do a little shopping!....
After all, "pretty pillows" at lower prices & shipping costs just doesn't happen every day!!!!!
Happy Shopping!

Your friend,....



Sherri April 11, 2011 at 11:19 PM  

Heidi, you have definitely hit on something-pillow slips are a wonderful idea!!! I like you can switch them out for different seasons! What a great idea you came upon!!

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