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"Wishing & Dreaming"......

Thursday, October 21, 2010

As many of you know we are renting a house at the moment....which I really don't mind a bit, possibly since our little house is so darn cute. Someday though I look forward to having a house of our own once again. Not sure if we will end up buying the house we're in or buying another, but for now I love the "wishing & dreaming" part of buying a house.
Lately whenever I see an idea that appeals to me, I am quick to save it!....Ripping a page from a magazine or copying a photo that I saw on-line, is something that is happening fairly often. And one of my favorite ideas at the moment is these amazing "barn doors"!.....I love the juxtaposition of these over-sized, primitive doors being brought into the interiors of a home!.....Not only decorative, but functional as well!....Just fabulous!

I am not sure that barn doors such as these will ever be in any house I own, but they certainly are more than comfortable in my "wishing & dreaming" folder!....Right alongside, plank floors, farmhouse sinks, wrap around porches, pea gravel courtyards & driveways, large garden spaces, picket fences, barn/greenhouses, etc. etc. etc.......
Here's to dreaming!....


Sherri October 25, 2010 at 6:26 PM  

Heidi, I do the same thing! Some day John and I will own a house again and we'll be able to use all the ideas I've cut from magazines! Keep wishing and hoping!

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