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Friday, June 17, 2016

I have not written for ages on this blog of mine, but for some reason I felt I might like to once again. 

When I began my blog, I had a houseful of people living  at our "then" house....two daughters, one grandson, my husband & lots of dogs & cats as well. Life was busy. We had just moved back to California from rural New York, & we had a big new house, lots of eagerness to get back to working as a decorator, not to mention putting together our own home after a cross country move. 

   As time passed we realized our life was changing a bit too?.....Our family life was wonderful, but the economy was changing, & in particular the housing market as a whole. Both my husband's appraisal business & my own decor business were affected greatly. Before long we realized we could no longer afford to keep our home, which had decreased in value to almost 1/2 of what we had bought it for, so not wanting to completely use up our savings we decided to sell, & because it ended up being a short sale, our financial situation was turned upside down as well.

    For  the next three years we downsized greatly, & became renters for the first time in our lives....but life was just fine. Maybe less money, but our family was healthy & blessed just the same.

    After a few years, we were yearning  again to be homeowners & even though money was tight we decided to purchase a fixer-upper in a small rural town about an hour outside of San Diego. And even though the house is dated & we have lots of projects we would love to take on eventually, purchasing this home & moving to the country has made us very happy.

   Also during this time, our home has become a bit more quiet. Our oldest daughter met & married a wonderful man, moving out with our grandson Andrew to make her own home... since then having two more children, with her 4th due in about a month. Our younger daughter also met & got married a great guy & also is expecting a baby any day, their first little girl.

   We also went from 3 big dogs & lots of cats, down to one cat, Maxx?.....Did I mention how quiet the house has become....

   We have lived in our home now 3 years. We have gone through lots of changes, which I have to admit took some getting used to, & to be honest. many good cries. It actually was very difficult for me. To go have a houseful of people, lots of work & sufficient quite the opposite proved to be a challenge for me......The empty nest syndrome hit hard.

   Through it all though, I have come out the other end. Money is still tight, with both my husband & I working hard, but working hard at jobs we do enjoy....Our home is still in need of a many improvements, but we have made it very charming taking on easy projects we can do ourselves. Our children & grandchildren are doing well......& God willing we are all happy & healthy. Life is good.

   I believe the reason I wrote this "novel" today, was to begin fresh...a clean slate.  I felt I needed to clear the air, so I can go forward in a positive, productive manner. There is life to live & adventures to be had...& projects to tackle!....Hope you will come along with me.....Your friend, Heidi XO


GARAGE SALE GAL June 17, 2016 at 8:20 PM  

Happy to have you back in blogland. My hubby sells real estate and we have gone thru some tough times too when the real estate market took a dive. God provided :) things are much better, thankfully!

Stacey July 5, 2016 at 6:49 PM  

Heidi, I would love for you to come back to blogging! :)

Mona July 16, 2016 at 3:14 PM  

I followed you before and just hit on your blog today for some reason. Can I say how refreshing and brave your post was? It's hard to let people see our real lives, so thank you for the privilege of letting us in. I hope you continue to blog. So many others have gone through so many changes through this economy, including me. Life changes, but we carry on. I would love to see where life takes you. Thanks

Schotzy July 18, 2016 at 4:24 PM  

So glad I ran across this today becasue I have missed your fun posts and great inspiration... so glad youre coming back to blogging... and believe me I understand all about empty nest.. We only have one daughter who now lives 12 hours away with her hubby and 2 little tots... I still miss them so much... but life is carving out our identity apart form those who mean so much so that we can leave the legacy of lives well lived within the promise and provision of God's blessings..

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