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Weekend Projects....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Morning Everyone.....Over the weekend I took a few photos of my patio, not the entire space just spotlighting a couple projects that I think turned out pretty nice. #1- A few weeks ago, I found a old beat-up, square canvas out in our garage. It was painted with a tacky 1970's era scene which was not exactly something I wanted in my garage, let alone hang up in my house. The only good thing was that it was just the right size for the space above my outdoor fireplace mantle. Deciding to borrow an idea I had seen in an issue of Country Living magazine, I asked my daughter Mallory if she could possibly turn the hideous canvas into a primitive sign with a simple summer message?... Well I think she succeeded! I am so happy with it!!! Just shows what you can do with a piece destined for the garbage pile!!......#2- My other little weekend project was getting some "topiaries" planted & on their way to becoming true "garden sculptures", or at least that's what I'm hoping for!? I've been fairly successful with it in the past, so with pots, soil, a flat of ivy & a few topiary forms in hand I got started.....Now, all I need to do is wait....and wait...& wait...& wait...& wait.......Patience is a virtue???

My "new" old primitive sign.....

"Summer Boat Rentals" sign making friends with the watering cans....

What a difference a year makes?....When it comes to topiaries, I do wish time would fly!!


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