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Spring Afternoons...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Tuesday afternoon,... once again I am am puttering around the garden & patio. I have projects galore upstairs, but for some reason I keep finding myself wandering outside?....The weather has been hot, hot hot, but now today it's just so pleasant to be puttering about,... trimming the topiaries, tidying up & giving all the plants a much needed sip of water. The more I ponder the thought, the more I'm tempted to just make a little lunch, & grab my new issues of "Country Living" ( I'm just a bit obsessive,... I just bought both the American & British copies) & maybe while away the afternoon out here by the pool?....Why not!...enjoy your afternoon!

This view from our patio always makes me happy...just give me a "couple topiaries & an iron gat" & I'm so contented.....

P.S. My daughter Mallory just started a blog entitled "Mallory D. and her Bodacious Blooms"...this made me think of her!....


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