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The Story of "Fairfield Quilts"....

Friday, April 18, 2008

As many of you know I have a small quilt business, "Fairfield Quilts". It came about while our family was living back east a couple years ago in upstate New York. Being a bit weary with the hectic pace of California, my husband & I decided it was time for a change. We packed up the family, bought a farmhouse, a barn & 31 acres in Newark Valley, New York & started living a quieter life in the country. While there, my girls & I decided it was time to start quilting. We started taking classes at a darling little quilt shop near our home, the "Pucky Huddle Delight" whose owner Jen welcomed us with open arms. We were soon asked to join a local guild& before long met some wonderfully talented women! I am proud to say that a group of these ladies (Ginny, Dianna, Molly, Gretchen, Linda & Stella) have since become some of my dearest friends. When our family decided that California was calling us back home, I thought that starting a little quilt business would be the perfect venture! ...being a decorator, not only could I provide amazing quilts for my friends & clients in California, but it would also be a way to learn from, work with & stay close to a group of ladies I never wish to say "good bye" to. That is the story behind "FAIRFIELD QUILTS"....I am proud to say that our business & freindsips are thriving! Thank you to you all!

Simple, classic designs is what "Fairfield Quilts" is all about....This incredible quilt was done in the "Double Irish Chain" pattern, & was pieced together in very small squares to create a very delicate very pretty!

Bringing lavendar & white together in the "Half Square Triangle" design gives this little lap quilt a lovely, fresh feel!

"Deep creams & pure whites" are pieced together to create a very quiet effect for this charming "Star" quilt......Shhh, just whispers please.....

Another piece done in the "Half Square Triangle" design....such a cheerful little quilt!!!

A label we are all very proud of!!......"Fairfield Quilts" are available at "Fairfield Design" through my Etsy store. We are continually adding new pieces...please stop by for a visit!


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