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My "quest" for Spring continues....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Saturday to you all...I have big plans for today, many more tasks than any one girl could possibly accomplish! First & foremost though, I am continuing my "quest" for Spring, now in the inside of my home!...For some reason, the voices of "purple & blue" are the ones that are calling to me the most. Hydrangeas, hyacinths & muscari ( the craft store variety) have been made into wildly voluptuous arrangements & placed in some of my old earthenware crocks. My collection of blue & white quilts, hanging in their familiar spots are somehow taking on the fresh look of the season....especially against the stark white walls & bare branches. I'm getting to think I may never tire of this season...Spring Forever!!!
One of my "voluptuous" flower arrangements...if you look close you can see the tiny, tell-tale signs of my grandson Andrew,... little stickers adorning my old chest & "Thomas the Train" decorating my half hidden coffee table. I think he definitely has a future as a decorator!!

One of my "Fairfield Quilts" hung behind my old antique barn...where are the sheep?

Stripes & the color "blue" really do add a fresh touch to a corner of the "Gathering Room"!...we have no official living or family room, so why not a gathering room???

More quilts, a lantern & my "gardening hat"....That reminds me, the garden is one of those many other tasks I mentioned earlier....or maybe it can wait till tomorrow??


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