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"LOVE for YOU"....."HELP for HAITI"......

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello Friends, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon. As we look back over this last week, we all have heard of the tragic earthquake that has brought so much destruction to the country of Haiti. A desperately poor country already, this is just one more tragedy the people of Haiti are dealing with. The Haitian people need our help & prayers. Like many of you, we have donated money to rescue agencies, but wanted to also do something on a more personal level.
I have the "most charming pillow" in my shop, "LOVE" pillow. So darling for a Valentine's Day "gift for a friend",.... or to "display" in your own home! I have decided that the "proceeds" from this pillow, will be donated to the "Save The Children's Haiti Relief Fund". Even though this is just a small gesture, every cent makes a difference & could with your help,... add up quickly!....
Please help me raise funds!..You will receive a beautiful pillow, as well as be giving to a very deserving cause....Thank you so much!......Heidi XO

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