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"Queen of the Homebodies"...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hello Friends,...Today is a cool, cloudy, drizzly day here at our house....very unusual for So. Cal at this time of year.... I am thoroughly enjoying it! I am pretending I live in the English countryside, today...all lush & green!...maybe in a small stone cottage, covered in ivy?? A house right out of the pages of "Sense & Sensibility" or "Emma"!.....I do sound a bit delusional, don't I?.....I assure you I'm not, most days I'm really quite sane. Days like this make me realize though that I truly may be the most reclusive "homebody" ever!...Now again, don't get me wrong...I enjoy a little shopping & lunch as much as anyone, but more than anything... I do LOVE to stay home!! I like everything about it...puttering in the garden, making list of "to-do's" ( making lists, not necessarily accomplishing much), thumbing through all my stacks of lovely fabric, dreaming up new projects, ...even straightening up & cleaning a bit....I enjoy fussing with all my surroundings here in the house. I enjoy making it all very "cozy & inviting"..."atmosphere" is extremely important to me. When curled up in a chair I want to feel as if the " walls are wrapping their arms around me". From every angle in a room I want to be able to see all my favorite things! I like big squishy pillows, fresh flowers & lots of books! I enjoy creating an environment that I simply never want to leave....add my family to the mix & I'm a very happy girl!....and so there you have it.... a self-proclaimed "homebody" & proud of it!...

One of my favorite corners in the house....& a bit of "leopard velvet"....every cottage needs a bit of it tucked here & there!...

No not my bedroom, but an wonderful example of "cozy", the toile wallpaper & fabric give the room, such a romantic feel...

This kitchen belongs to designer Bunny Williams. Isn't it the epitome of "cozy"! ....I think her dog thinks so!...

And this sitting room!!!......... couldn't you spend the entire day in here! Maybe a little tea, please!

And Bunny's home once again! this room, I could be "Queen of the "Homebodies" & I would rule from this comfy couch among all her glorious pillows!....


hautemommy May 7, 2008 at 11:11 AM  

Hey Ms. Homebody, want to go on a slew of errands and grab some lunch today??? Hehe jk!

PS_Iloveyou May 7, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

How wonderful! I love the pictures of your home with the leopard print. I think you just pointed me in the direction of the fabric store to pick up a bit of my own!

The other pictures were to pretty as well. I love cottage style!

From one self proclaimed Homebody to the you - Good Job and Enjoy!

Rhondi May 8, 2008 at 6:28 AM  

Hi Heidi Ann
I am a homebody too. I am a very sociable person and love my friends, but like you I am totally happy puttering around my house. I get great pleasure from rearranging my "stuff" or sitting on the couch, pillows all around loking ut at the garden with a cup of tea. My home gives me great joy. I love Bunny Williams rooms too
Your room looks so relaxing and comfrtable. Of course you know the blue and white makes me feel right athome! I've never tried any leopard print. Hmm....I wonder where I could put some?
Rhondi xo

tales from an O.C. cottage May 8, 2008 at 2:38 PM  

There is no greater felicity than to putter around inside when it's gloomy out(and you can pretend you are in England!). And any reference to Jane Austen shows a true greatness of mind...nothing less! Just found you blog! Love it.


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